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Wexford Photos Letter From Ireland

The following are a series of photos related to the memoirs of Nathaniel Pidgeon

George Ogle.jpg (81104 bytes) The Honorable George Ogle - This statue is located inside St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin
Bellevue entrance.jpg (141587 bytes) Entrance to the Bellevue Estate looking in to where the tenement farmers' homes were.  Note the guard portico to the left.  George Ogle had his private militia known as Ogle's Loyal Blues though many locals referred to them as Ogle's Bloody Blues. Richard and Henry Pidgeon were tenement farmers and members of Ogle's militia during the uprising of 1798.
Bellevue ruins.jpg (140923 bytes) Remains of the homes where Richard Pidgeon and his young family would have lived
From Bellevue looking SW down river towards Ballydicken.jpg (74228 bytes) Looking south down stream of the River Slaney from where Bellevue estate once stood.
The old road past the graveyard.jpg (96507 bytes) The old road that used to run past the graveyard came up through this gate. The road would have taken Richard Pidgeon to a nearby Shebayen (illegal drinking house) from which Nathaniel had to fetch his father to bring him home.
Graveyard.jpg (148389 bytes) The lonely graveyard near the estate of Bellevue where Richard Pidgeon most likely challenged the spirits to a duel and terrified the young Nathaniel
Small farm house looking north over the fields at Ballydicken.jpg (108936 bytes) Small farmhouse near Ballydicken which is most likely typical of the small home that Elizabeth Foley grew up in.
Looking south over the fields of Ballydicken.jpg (111909 bytes) Looking over the fields to the area known as Ballydicken where Elizabeth Foley grew up.
Near Ballydicken looking SW - The Deeps castle is just around the point.jpg (86178 bytes) Looking south along the River Slaney from the eastern bank at Ballydicken where Elizabeth Foley grew up.  The Deeps castle can be seen around the bend in the distance.
Along the road to Caim heading towards killoughram Forest.jpg (94355 bytes) Along the road near Caim heading towards Killoughram Forest.
The Oak Tavern at Ferry Carrig 2.jpg (97707 bytes) The public hotel at Ferry Carrig.  It was here that Richard Pidgeon slammed his sword into the mantlepiece in the process of placing a man named MacDonald under civilian arrest.  He believed that MacDonald was involved in the 1798 rebellion.
Looking over towards Killoughram Forest.jpg (116290 bytes) Looking across the fields towards Killoughram Forest.  Of course, the forest has been chopped down since the days of 1810.  This was the seat of Colonel Phaire to which the family of Richard Pidgeon moved after the death of George Ogle of Bellevue Estate.
The Oak Tavern at Ferry Carrig.jpg (126416 bytes) Ferry Carrig hotel
Looking north from the Oak Tavern at Ferry Carrig.jpg (95410 bytes) Looking north from the Ferry Carrig hotel
Ferry Carrig hotel with Heritage Centre in background taken from the Norse Castle.jpg (85082 bytes) The bridge at Ferry Carrig looking south
Norse Castle at Ferry Carrig taken from southern bank on the road to Wexford 2.jpg (77387 bytes) Approaching the public hotel at Ferry Carrig along the road from Wexford Town that follows the River Slaney.  This is probably the path that Nathaniel trod along most frequently.
Norse Castle at Ferry Carrig taken from southern bank on the road to Wexford.jpg (105841 bytes) Norse Castle at Ferry Carrig taken from the road leading into Wexford Town
Chantry at Bunclody.jpg (103702 bytes) The Chantry Restaurant at Bunclody.  In the 1820's and 1830's, this was a Wesleyan Methodist meeting house and Pidgeon family members are recorded in the attendees' register.
Norse Castle at Ferry Carrig7.jpg (205903 bytes) Norse Castle at Ferry Carrig
Typical scenery along the road to Enniscorthy near Oilgate.jpg (134969 bytes) Typical scenery looking west along the road to Enniscorthy around Oilgate.
Enniscorthy.jpg (91848 bytes) Heading into Enniscorthy from Wexford along the southern approach
St Iberius Church.jpg (93707 bytes) St Iberius Church of Ireland in Wexford Town
Looking towards Wexford Town from the bridge.jpg (90069 bytes) Looking south over to Wexford Town from the bridge. On the opposite side of the river to Wexford is Castlebridge where Elizabeth Foley and Richard Pidgeon were married in November 1801.
Typical houses.jpg (77482 bytes) Heading out of Wexford Town along the river road towards Ferry Carrig.  Whilst these buildings were built much later (1874) they are probably typical of the style of home that the tenement farmers lived in on Bellevue Estate.
Wesleyan Chapel 1835.jpg (75804 bytes) Wesleyan chapel 1835, Wexford Town.  This would have been the place where Nathaniel Pidgeon was converted.  It is now appartments.
Wexford Guardia and Prison.jpg (96841 bytes) The Guardia and prison in Wexford Town.  It was probably here that Richard Pidgeon was placed in gaol for 3 months for false arrest of the man MacDonald at the Ferry Carrig public hotel

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