Democracy’s Man – W.E. Pidgeon’s portrait of Prime Minister R.G. Menzies

From the Liberal Opinion, Official Organ of the Liberal Party of Australia (N.S.W. Division), Vol.4 No. 4, Sydney, February 1951

Mr. R.G. Menzies Menzies, by W.E. Pidgeon ("Wep")

This entry for the Archibald prize has created a lot of interest and keen and favourable comment. “Wep” is regarded by fellow artists and the soundest critics as one of the best contemporary portrait painters. He is, of course, a great cartoonist with a style which is inimitable. “Wep’s” work truly reveals the Prime Minister’s qualities of loyalty, efficiency, regard for decency and truth and, in times of stress like the present, trustworthiness and clear thinking.

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One Reply to “Democracy’s Man – W.E. Pidgeon’s portrait of Prime Minister R.G. Menzies”

  1. “Pidgeon has a style of his own.”
    “His is the sort of picture you would like to have in your home.”
    – Sir Earle Page, Federal Health Minister
    (“Many Art Fans Say: ‘Dobell should have got the prize'”, Sunday Telegraph, 21-Jan-1951, p5)

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